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Hello Everyone!

We’ve made some pretty drastic changes to our lotion bar line that we are so incredibly excited about!

Cool Tropical Citrus Lotion Tube

Cool Tropical Citrus Lotion Tube

The traditional packs of 2 lotion bars have been replaced with new lotion bar tubes! The same wonderful and skin beneficial formula, but now in a sleeker, easier to transport, less mess delivery – And, because they take a lot less time to produce and package, we are able to offer them cheaper 🙂

This changes a few things in the structure of our shop. We are no longer offering handwrapped gift sets from our signature collection. We are going to have a gift package offering in our shop soon, for those looking for that extra special touch that makes handmade gifting all the better. We’ve also omitted some fragrances from the lotion line. Our apologies to those whose favorite(s) might have been discontinued, but they are still available in perfume/cologne/and/or lip balm form!

Lotion Fragrances Available

Lotion Fragrances Available

Currently, we are offering a promotion for all of our fans! For every new lotion bar tube you purchase, receive a free anthology lip balm! Just let us know at checkout which flavor(s) you’d like as your freebie. This promo will run until the end of the month. Keep your skin happy, healthy, and beautiful this summer –

Have a wonderful day ~

Nicole & Aaron