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Hello everyone!

I posted a little teaser yesterday on the newest line of products we’ve been brewing… When you’re lip balm addicts and super energetic creatives, what is there to do but to continually reinvent the natural lip balm market 🙂

We are finally ready to start rolling out Old Fashioned 40’s All Natural Lip Balm Jelly. It’s a mouthful and a smile full! These wonderful tubs of pure lip gold are quite unique – They are similar in texture and consistency to Vaseline or petroleum jelly. I don’t know about you, but I grew up using Vaseline. That seemed to be the only thing my mom ever had around, until now of course! That wonderful goopy feel of Vaseline brings back so many great memories and a piece of childhood back for me, but as a more health conscious adult, I know how bad that product is for me and my lips.

We set out to make the closest, all natural alternative on the market – with a twist of course 😉

Inspired by all things delicious and nostalgic, this collection celebrates the good old days of yore! This line will only be 40 flavors long and so far, we’ve only created the first 20 or so… We want to hear from you! What flavors would you like to see? What special dish did your Grandmother make for you that you absolutely need in lip balm form? What scents bring back a wonderful sense of nostalgia for you? Let us know! Once we have enough ideas, we’ll put the last few to a vote! The winners will get rewarded for their awesomeness and everyone can rejoice in old fashioned lip balm happiness.

Check our etsy store throughout the day today and tomorrow to see the first flavors available! https://www.etsy.com/shop/LiveBeautifullyBody

Original Recipe

Original Recipe

Butterscotch Root Beer

Butterscotch Root Beer

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